Anti Static Safety Shoes

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Anti Static Safety Shoes
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Anti Static Safety Shoes
Anti Static Safety Shoes

Antistatic Footwear Should be used if it is necessary to minimize the electrostatic build-up, by dissipating electrostatic charges, thus avoiding the risk of the Spark Ignition near Flammable Substances. The electrical resistance of the Antistatic shoes is to be between 100 KO to 1000 MO. The Inidividual needs to Check the Antistatic Properties of the Footwear regularly to avoid Accidents as the properties tends to deplete as the usage of the Footwear. The Antistatic Footwear are used in Paint Shops, Pharma, Nylon and other such Polymer related Companies. The Safety Shoes are Manufactured like the PU Molded Safety Shoes with Additives for the Antistatic Properties.

  • Buff Leather of Superior Quality with thickness of 1.8- 2mm and having Tear Strength of more than 120 N.
  • They come with directly Molded PU sole with Anti Skid Design manufactured with Best Quality of PU Chemicals.
  • They have Powder Coated Steel Toe Cap Resistant to Rust and Energy Impact of 200 Joules as per IS 15298 / 2011 or EN 345
  • Best quality and comfortable Cambrelle lining material having Tear Strength of more than 15 N minimum as per the IS Standards.
  • They are moderate chemical resistors but excellent abrasion resistors.
  • They have moderate penetration resistance and are excellent oil resistors.
  • Available in Single/Double Density PU.
  • They are Heat resistant 100°C and Antistatic Electric Resistant between 100 KO to 1000 MO.
  • The shoe weighs less than 900 gms for size 7.
  • Meets IS 15298 or EN 345 requirements